What's the best brewing technique?

Espresso machine, Drip filter, Moka pot, AeroPress, Cafetiere?

Well there is certainly no wrong way using any of the methods above. To brew great coffee it's not all about the machine or method as the two most important components are unsurprisingly the coffee and good quality water. Using an IT analogy - garbage in - garbage out!

So buy the best coffee you can that suits your taste and the softer the water the better. Fortunately here in Cumbria we are blessed with great soft water ...and lots of it!

How you prepare your coffee is a personal preference. You certainly don't have to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on expensive espresso machines to achieve a good cup. Though a tip here is that cheap espresso machines rarely perform well.

Often the simplest brewing methods are the best. My two favorites are the simple manual drip filter and the AeroPress. Cheap to purchase, easy to clean and store and satisfying to use.

Whatever method you use 'slow' is often the best way. So take your time.

In future blogs I will post more details on each method so that you can really get the best brew possible.