Our passion is good coffee and the search for perfection is on.

With a world of coffee beans to choose from through established and experienced traders, our ethically sourced Arabica coffees are hand roasted to order and shipped direct to guarantee freshness, aroma and flavour to those who share our enthusiasm for speciality coffee.

Grind, brew, relax and savour- bean miles offer not just great artisan coffee but intense moments of pleasure in every cup.

Your journey with us is just beginning.

Our Story

bean miles came about around Christmas 2013 as Chris, always a passionate coffee consumer and ardent coffee gadget collector, pondered a career change. An interesting magazine article about coffee roasting prompted further investigation that led to enrolling on the "How to Start a Roastery” course at the London School of Coffee and ultimately the establishment of bean miles.

In our purpose built micro-roastery we roast the raw green coffee beans using state-of-the-art Coffee-Tech Engineering FZ-94 equipment. This beautifully designed roaster gives us tremendous control over each roast enabling us to fine tune our roast profiles and showcase the individual cup characteristics of every coffee.

Committed to quality at all times, bean miles use only the finest whole beans and roast coffees to order in small batches from 100% Arabica coffee beans.

A low environmental footprint is also important to us; we have a 3.5kW solar photovoltaic array to offset some, and on really sunny days (yes, even in Cumbria!), or all of our electricity imported from the grid.

When Chris is not roasting coffee or talking with customers he is more than likely out cycling, often delivering coffee the low carbon way.

We believe that feedback is the key to success so bean miles hold regular cupping sessions with friends and local customers. This ensures that we offer only superb single origin coffees, create the finest blends and continue to extract the best possible taste and aroma from our coffee beans. Call if you would like to join us!

So if you have bean miles for a good cup of coffee then travel no further- you have reached your destination.